Sales Engineer

William D. Sheer

Dallas, TX  75230



214-717-4712 or SKYPE   bill.sheer.zpe



Objective:                  To secure a sales position for commercial HVAC , Refrigeration, and Power Related Products, calling on professional clients for either comfort or process application.  Would like to use my years of engineering sales with HVAC and Power equipment to build profitable relationships with contractors, building management professional, healthcare/school clients, manufactures, etc.


Have over 20 years experience in the Commercial HVAC and Energy related industry.  Extensive experience in evaluating customer’s equipment needs and accurately determining appropriate equipment options, operating expense and return on investment energy saving for Performance Contact Sales.  I have regularly gathered all need information and built relationships from an office base, with no need of a site visit.


Have sold HVAC Equipment and Services including Sizing and Engineering to:

  • Hospitals, Hotel/Motels, Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Retail Businesses, School Systems/Universities and Real Estate Companies
  • Event Centers, Event Companies, Restaurants, Casinos, Schools, Auditoriums/Concert Halls, Arenas
  • Domestic and International Government Emergency Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Postal Service and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Supermarkets, Convenient Stores, Refrigerated Warehouse, Food Producers, Meat Packing Plants, and Flower Suppliers
  • Plastic Manufactures, Commercial Bakeries, Pulp Factories, Steel Mills, Power Plants/Transformer Stations, Titanium Annealing Facilities
  • Computer Server Rooms and IT Companies
  • Motion Picture Productions, Motion Picture and Video Production Studios
  • Restoration, Remediation, Specialty Coating, and Resurfacing Companies
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and General Contractors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Clean rooms and Explosive Environments
  • Residential and Small Single Office Spaces


Have sold and rented (rental serviced):

  • Chillers (Comfort, Refrigeration, and Process) (Scroll, Recep, Screw, and Centrifugal)
  • Boilers (Comfort and Process) (Hot Water and Steam in access of 600HP per unit.
  • Rooftop Package Air Conditioners*, Ventilation Systems, and Industrial Heaters.
  • Permanent and Mobile Heaters/Furnaces (Gas/Oil/Electric)
  • Permanent and Portable Split Systems
  • Spot Air Conditioners
  • Dehumidifiers and Air Cleaners/Scrubbers/Industrial Dust Collectors.
  • Air Handlers/ Blowers (.75 to 200 tons Permanent and Skid Mounted)
  • PTAC/PTHP, and Wall-packs
  • Cold Food Display Cases, Ice Machines, Beverage Dispensers, Refrigerated Trucks, Trailers and Containers.
  • Heat Exchangers, Mixing Tanks, Pumps, and Cooling Towers
  • Ductwork
  • Generators, Power Distribution, Power Quality, UPS Systems


Have knowledge and experience with the following HVAC Related Equipment/Hardware/Software:

  • Mobile and Portable Generators, Temporary Substations, Power Plants, and Load Banks
  • Thermo Imaging/UV Corona Detection, Ground Continuity/Power Quality Analyzers, Duck Flow/leak equipment
  • Utility Data Loggers/Monitors/Building Automation Devices/Systems (Building Intelligence)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Inverters
  • MS Office, Quickbooks, Salesforces, CAD/CAM/FEA Graphics, HVAC Component Software.



  • Energy studies/reports/proposals/sales for Supermarkets/Convenient Stores, Hotel/Motels, Press Operators, Meat Packing/Food Plants, Dry Cleaners, Restaurants, Industrial Plants, Recreation Facilities.  Prime topics in proposals were Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment, Lighting, Motor/Controls, Power Quality, roof/insulation systems and locating issues with exciting equipment/systems.
  • Servicing hundreds of successful small to extremely large events/tent cities with chillers/air handlers, boilers, package air conditioners, heater, generators, and power distribution.
  • Supplied numerous restoration and remediation projects including supplying the Adolphus Hotel with over 500KW for 5 weeks during a fire and flood restoration.   Utilized over 50,000 feet of primary and secondary cabling.  Supplying power for everything in every voltage from120-volt single phase to 480 volt three phase, including elevators, boilers, and laundry, dishwashers, and ventilation and restoration equipment.
  • Supplying heating, cooling, and power to many Motion Picture and Video productions, including FTM Production’s for the filming of the movie Serving Sara with a crew of over 100 and multiple locations.  I pre-rigged the stage and many of the locations with ductwork in order to avoid issues with both acoustical or obstruction interference.  I was known to the film industry as being the only service of the kind able to operate during the actual filming, in turn increasing comfort and decreasing wasted time due to climate control.   I was able to sale this service at a large premium, and was able to quickly proved its return on investment.
  •  Designed and sold numerous custom heat exchanger systems, including an ultra high temperature Argon gas cooling system for RTI titanium annealing facility.


Professional Experience


Environments Anywhere Inc / ZP Energy Consulting / Terra Energy Group / VICCO

Dallas, TX                                                                                                            1999 to Present


The companies listed above are interconnected companies that I have involvement in, and service at a management level.

  • Environments Anywhere Inc is generally an HVAC/Power Rental, Sales, Consulting and Service Company.
  • ZP Energy Consulting is full spectrum energy consulting from Electrical/Utility/Energy Sales to Performance Equipment Contracting.
  • Terra Energy Group - GrandTerra  / / / VICCO, are Energy and Commodities Sales Organizations involve in Exploration/ Development, and other related large project management ventures.


Responsibilities with Environments Anywhere Inc:

  • HVAC/Power Design, Project, and Sales Engineer (Complete Spectrum of Comfort and Process Applications)
  • Total Logistics, Management, Administrative, etc.
  • Operations, Site Management, Equipment Setup, Labor Management.
  • Transport, Truck Driving, Heavy Equipment Operation.
  • Emergency Project Consulting and Management.
  • Event Planner > dba “Cool Weddings and Events”


Responsibilities with ZP Energy Consulting:

  • Energy Electricity Sales
  • Energy and Utility Audits
  • HVAC-R, Power Quality, Lighting, Roof/Insulation Systems Design, Sales, and Performance Contracts
  • Domestic and Global Networking for Equipment, and Commodities.


Responsibilities with Terra Energy Group - GrandTerra  / / / VICCO:

  • Domestic and Global Networking for Equipment, and Bulk Commodities with Buyers and Sellers
  • Domestic and Global Verification of People, Companies, Documents, Logistics and Requirements
  • Domestic and Global Logistics including Ship Tracking & Chartering, Secure Transport, Security, Legal Representation, Certified Quality and Quantity Testing
  • Marketing, Logistics, Technology, Project Manager
  • Notary
  • Architect of Online Project Management Database and Software
  • Project Development Engineer, working with financial personnel:
    • Domestic and International Exploration and Development for crude & N/G, project infrastructure
    • Reciprocating and Turbine Generators
    • Industrialization of Basalt for concrete and composite reinforcement
    • Bio-fuel Projects, from garbage, sewage, algae, sugar, and other Biomass
    • Involved in bulk commodities transactions, dealing direct with refineries and major buyers/sellers (Jet fuel, diesel, sugar, cement etc)


GNC store 6903                  Richardson, TX                                                                                                                                                January 2007 to July 2012

                  Assistant Manager/Health Supplement Sales

  • Customer Sales and Service
  • Superior Product Knowledge





Telvisa                                    Formerly on North Coit Rd, Plano TX                                                                                                            October 2005 to April 2006

                  Verizon DSL Tech Support

  • Call Center Professional
  • Customer Service/Tech Support
  • Frequently recognized for outstanding customer satisfaction



Green Mountain Energy                                    Irving, TX                                                                                                            April 2004 to October 2004

  • Commercial Sales agent for an environmentally Friendly Electrical Provider
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Regularly selling to Mom & Pop business, Medium & Large Commercial Businesses, Heavy Industrial, and Municipal.


Air Conditioner Rental and Leasing Inc. (ACR&L)                  Pittsburgh, PA                                                                        May 1991 to May 1999

                  Formerly Air Conditioner Rental Systems

  • HVAC/Refrigeration/Power Sales Engineer
    • Specifying, Estimating, and Quoting for Rentals and Sales
      • Chillers and Related Equipment (Comfort & Process)
      • Boilers and Related Equipment (Comfort & Process) (Hot Water & Steam)
      • Rooftop and Package HVAC Equipment
      • HVAC System Design for Film and Sound Studios
      • Standard and Custom Retro Fit PTAC/PTHP for Large Buildings such as Apartment, Office, Hotel/Motel and Hospitals
      • Custom conversion of PTAC wall penetrations to Ducted or Ductless Split Systems.
      • Custom design of Heat Exchanger, Mixing Tanks, and Coils used with Chillers and Boiler, for Industrial Processing for Food, Plastics, and Steel/Metal production.
      • Direct/Indirect Fired heater, Radiant Heaters, Electric Heaters
      • Climate Control for Movie Sets, and Design Permanent HVAC systems for Production Studios
      • Assisted in design sound attenuated enclosures for generators.
      • Spot Air Conditioners
      • Window Units standard and Explosion Proof.
  • Designer of Mobile and Portable Air Conditioner Systems
    • Our Standard Package Unit
    • 20 to 50 ton Custom configured Air Conditioning Unit with on board Generator for Airport Runways, etc.


SGP Studios, sister company of Air Conditioner Rental and Leasing Inc.  (Pittsburgh PA)                                    May 1991 to May 1999

  • Studio Manager, Grip, Gaffer, Electric, Photography, Sound


Cadet Photo                                                                                          Pittsburgh, PA                                                                        Feb 1991 to May1992

  • Professional Camera & Photo Supplies Sales.


Radio Shack                                                                                          Lanoka Harbor, NJ                                                      Oct 1990 to Jan 1991

  • Electronic Sales during the holiday season.


Viking Motor Yacht                                                                        New Gretna, NJ                                                                        Nov 1989 to Aug 1990

  • Yacht Architect Apprentice while studying with Westlawn School of Yacht Design.
    • Worked on crews installing all Mechanical Systems, Engines, Transmissions, Generators, Pumps, Steering, Air Conditioning, Electrical Wiring, Fuel/Water Tanks, Fire Systems.  Founder believed you had to build a boat before you could design a boat.
    • Work with Fiberglass, Molds, Fine Woods & Carpentry, Coatings, Etc.
    • Warehouse and Parts Duty.
    • Company Chauffer/Greeter for pick customers up at airport.
    • Propeller Expert:
      • Testing Balance, Pitch Consistency, Propeller Dynamics, Etc.
      • Modified the edges of the Propellers to Maximize Performance
      • CAD/CAM exposure, Router. during after hours in the Engineer Department.


Air Conditioner Rental Systems > (ACR&L)                                    Pittsburgh, PA                                                                        May 1978 to May 1989

  • Rental of Window, Water-cooled Air Conditioners                                                                                          Seasonal
  • Sales, Sizing, Quoting, Scheduling and Customer Service
  • Equipment Preparation, Repairs (Before EPA regulation), Delivery and Installation
  • Gutted part of the building and help build SGP Studios 1988-1989


Fort Pitt Consolidators                                                                        Pittsburgh, PA                                                                        June 1980 to May 1989

My Family’s Intermodal business, owned by my uncle who was for all intense purpose the father of Intermodal, he was the first person to come up with putting a tractor trailer on a train, during WWII.

  • Clerical
  • Quoting and doing Logistics
  • Inside sales.
  • Pittsburgh rail ramp monitoring.
  • Networked with the Members of Traffic and Transportation Association, and Their related Toastmaster Group.


Pittsburgh Spring Inc., formerly Crucible Spring Div.                  Pittsburgh, PA                                                                        June 1982 to Jan 1985

                  Employee own heavy spring manufacturing Mill

  • Only Computer Operator and Programmer.  Rebuilt and expanded software after computer crash during plant shutdown.  Once software was written it was my job to perform the task and train the other employees and filled in for them, which included:
    • Accounting (Accounts Receivable and Payable) and Cost Accounting
    • Inventory (Usage, Ordering, etc) and Spring Engineering Design Software
    • Job Scheduling and employee time card, tracking
    • Customer History, Quoting and Customer Order Processing.
    • Computer Maintenance including off-hour defraging, back-ups, repairing corrupted data.
    • Created and ran custom reports and even did payroll at times.
    • Other duties:
      • In charge of conducting Inventories
      • Metal Testing, and tutoring other employees in metal testing. (Certified Class I Metal Tester)


Independent Professional Photographer:                                                                                                                              1979-1989

  • Weddings, parties, reunions, graduations, accident reenactments for court cases, etc.


Education and School Activities:

  • Graduated 1989 from the University of Pittsburgh College of General Studies (Evening School)
  • Degree in Technical Administration, took course for course required for Industrial Engineering, plus additional Business, Communications, Computer Science, Public Administration, Marketing, and Architectural Studies.  Took engineering classes in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Metallurgy/Materials, and Chemical.
  • Photographer and Photo Editor of the Pitt News. (New, Sports, Life Style)
  • Member of SAE, University of Pittsburgh Racing Team, University of Pittsburgh Ultimate Frisbee Team.


  • Computer Courses at Carnegie Mellon University

Member of ACM (American Computer Machinist) (IEEE), active with the Enterprise Corporation (Business Development Organization in Pittsburgh connect to CMU.)


  • Graduated Class of 1980,                  Taylor Allderdice High School, in Pittsburgh, PA
    • Studied Math, Science, Drafting, and Commercial Art.
    • Two time UPI regional award winning high school newspaper photographer
    • Yearbook Photo Editor, and award winning photographer.
    • President of the Photography club.
    • Member of the Computer, Archery, Chess, Bluegrass, Frisbee, Ski clubs.
    • Soccer, Tennis, and Cross Country Teams at times.


  • Independent classes in:
    • AutoCAD
    • Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Toastmaster, etc.
    • EPA 608 HVAC Universal Certification
    • Have gone through a number of Trane and Carrier free online Continual Education for LEED.


Association Involvement Over the Years:

  • Hospital Engineers of Western Pennsylvania, N.A.P.E., ASHRAE, ASHE, HMEA,  IFEA, WED, N.A.C.E., Dallas and Texas Film Commission, IATSE 489 in Pittsburgh, IATSE 484 in Dallas, Etc. (Strong Believer in Networking)






William D. Sheer

Dallas, TX        






Phone – Office

Phone - Other

John Twigg               T VP, Operations at Pittsburgh Source, Inc. (Personal Reference)

Pittsburgh PA



Leslie Peterson, CEO Terra Energy Group

Richardson, TX 



Dr. Harry C. Morgan/Biosafe (Personal and Business Reference)

Pittsburgh, PA



Brook Cowan (Employee and Personal reference)

Lewisville, TX



Fahad Mehmood, CEO ZP Energy Consulting

Dallas TX



Dan Maksimovich (Employee and personal reference)

Pittsburgh, PA



Ken Kuhn

Dallas, TX



Scott Chancer / Ayoka

Dallas TX



Tariq Islam / GNC

Monroevia CA



Dr. David J. Robinson /Department Q

Devizes in Wiltshire, England



Michael Babalola, LLB (Hons), LLM  

Richardson, TX  




W Rix Victory II / 4EComm / VICCO

Lewisville, TX



Robert Ludwig   Green Certified Contactor  

Lindsey Hopkins Foundation

Miami/Fort Lauderdale FL 



Mark Marlo

Locations Manager

Dallas TX



Joe Parker

Blue Stream Services (HVAC/Power Rental)

Dallas TX












  • ID#: 66112
  • Location: Dallas, TX , 75230

Don't Be Fooled

  • When selling, do not put your home address in your ad.
  • To avoid scams, buy and sell with people you can meet locally, in person.
  • When meeting with someone you don't know, meet in a public place. If that's not possible, have a buddy with you. Also, carry a cell phone; if you feel unsafe, you can call a trusted friend, and stay on the line.
  • Never give out financial or private information like account numbers, PayPal login, or social security number.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away!

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